Let’s face it, Texas summers are miserably hot and visiting a theme park in the middle of a heat wave can quickly drain your energy or worse — lead to heat-related injuries. But quite often the hotter the day the shorter the lines, so being able to conquer a summer Six Flags visit can be very rewarding.

Check out our tips below for beating the heat during your visit to Six Flags over Texas.

1. Get Soaked

Water rides are the most obvious way to cool down at Six Flags over Texas. To get the wettest we recommend the Roaring Rapids. For the least wet, El Aserradero. For somewhere in between, there’s Aquaman (though standing on its exit bridge is a surefire way to get drenched).

Roaring Rapids

Roaring Rapids will most likely get you soaked

2. Mist Off

Numerous misting stations throughout the park can cool you down, but have you ever wondered how misters actually make you feel cooler? After all the water they spray is essentially the same temperature as the air.

Misters actually cool you down because as the water evaporates off your skin, it takes some of your skin’s heat along with it. Evaporation is a cooling process!


3. Play a Game

Check out one of the park’s arcades — like the one in Boomtown — for a quick cool down.


4. Catch a Show

Watch a show at one of the park’s indoor theaters for a brief, air-conditioned retreat. The Southern Palace and Majestic Theater tend to keep the audience especially frigid, and the shows are just the right amount of time to cool off before heading back outdoors.

Majestic Theater at Six Flags over Texas

The Majestic Theater is often kept at welcoming temperatures

5. Free Drinks

There’s no need to go broke buying endless sodas to stay hydrated. Most restaurants at the park will give a free cup of ice water upon request (this won’t work at temporary food/drink carts or snack stands).

Alternatively if soda is preferred, the popular souvenir bottle allows inexpensive refills over an entire season that’s a major savings over buying several drinks.


6. Grab a Cold Treat

Between the ice cream, Icees, Lemon Chills, Dippin’ Dots, Pink Things, and milkshakes, there’s no shortage of cold concoctions at the park to cool your core down.

Pink Things sign

A number of frozen concoctions sold near the front gate

7. Eat Indoors

Six Flags over Texas offers a number of indoor, air-conditioned dining options. Here’s some of them: Johnny Rockets, All-American CafePrimo’s Pizzeria, JB’s Smokehouse BBQ.


What are some of your tips to cool down at Six Flags over Texas? Leave us a comment and let us know!