Oil Derrick Observation Tower

Oil Derrick tower

Tower guests get a 360-degree view of not only the park, but of the metroplex

The Oil Derrick observation tower opened in 1969 (forming the Tower area) with a unique profile modeled after an oil derrick. If it were an actual, operational oil derrick, it would be the tallest land-based one anywhere according to the Six Flag’s Railroad’s spiel.

Rising 300 feet into the Texas sky, Oil Derrick patrons can see both Dallas and Fort Worth skylines in clear days. Coin-operated telescopes provide closer looks at landmarks both in the park and throughout the surrounding area. Views are especially good of the nearby Texas Rangers Ballpark and Dallas Cowboys Stadium, both of which are less than a mile from the park.

Oil Derrick slide

The 50-foot fun slide attached to the tower was removed in the late 1970s

The Oil Derrick actually has several levels, only a couple of which are accessible to park guests. The two guest-accessible levels at the top of the tower stand 255 and 267 feet high. Another level at the 50-foot mark used to be the launching point for a huge fun slide that was removed in the late 1970s. Although railing appears at the 100-foot level, there’s no platform there and the railing exists only to aesthetically “balance” the tower.

A massive inflatable gorilla has adorned the side of the tower during Fright Fest while the Oil Derrick is transformed into a giant Christmas Tree during Holiday in the Park.

The Oil Derrick has “sister” Intamin-made observation towers located at Kings Island (Ohio) and Kings Dominion (Virginia). Instead of an oil derrick, they were modeled after the Eiffel Tower and opened in the 1970s.


Oil Derrick Photos

Oil Derrick Stats

Ride Type:Observation Tower
Year Introduced:1969
Height Requirement:None
Thrill Rating:Mild
Park Section:Tower
Flash Pass Enabled:No


When exiting the elevators at the top of the tower, look straight down through the crack between the elevator and tower floor. Seeing the ground directly below you 300 feet away is not for the faint of heart!

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