Texas Area

The Texas area of Six Flags over Texas is one of the few original park sections that has remained relatively unchanged and uncombined with other sections (USA being the other). The Texas section is home to some of the park’s biggest rides including the New Texas Giant and Titan. The area also features plenty of natural beauty with Johnson Creek flowing through the area, attracting wildlife such as turtles, birds, and even beavers.

Texas area

Texas Attractions

Overbanked turn on New Texas Giant

New Texas Giant

Steel/Wood Hybrid Coaster

Titan first drop


Steel Hypercoaster

Boot Scootin' Ride

Boot Scootin'

Bouncing Boot Ride

Chaparral Antique Cars

Chaparral Antique Cars

Guest-Driven Gasoline Cars

Rodeo ride


Thrill Ride

Sidewinder ride


Scrambler Ride

Steam-powered Six Flags Railroad

Six Flags Railroad

Authentic Steam Locomotive

Looney Tunes characters

Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure

Looney Tunes Dark Ride


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