Titan's first drop

Titan’s towering first drop

Titan is a massive steel hypercoasterA hypercoaster is over 200 feet in height located within the Texas section of the park. One of the largest roller coasters ever built by Six Flags Theme Parks, Titan stands a towering 245 feet above the ground and reaches speeds of 85 mph. The first drop takes riders into an underground tunnel, making the first drop a total of 255 feet. The ride was created by the now-defunct Swiss coaster creator Giovanola for the park’s 40th anniversary at an estimated $25 million.

Titan features a lengthy “floater” airtime hill and two intense helixes, the second of which is notorious for causing some riders to feel light-headed due to the G-force being sustained for so long. Since the ride’s opening, the park increased its midcourse braking to slow the train to a halt in order to reduce the speed and G forces of the ride’s second half. The on-ride photo takes your picture near the end of the second helix, ensuring you’ll be at your worst for your keepsake.

Titan has an almost identical layout as the Goliath coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. The differences include Titan being 10 feet taller and having an additional helix before the midcourse brake where Goliath simply has an upward turn into the brake.


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Melting Wheels

During its early years of operation, Titan’s high speeds during the hot Texas summers occasionally resulted in delamination of the wheels’ tread from the hubs. Water misters added to the track cooling the wheels down after each circuit and new wheel materials eventually eliminated the problem.

Heavy Metal

A massive amount of metal went into the construction of Titan. The supports alone use 2.8 million pounds of steel.

Block Check

Ride operators on Titan use specially-made wooden blocks as a gauge to determine if the lapbars are down enough. If the block fits in the gap between the seat and the lapbar, the restraint has to go down more or the guest can’t ride.

Last-Ditch Flooding Effort

The final turn of Titan takes riders down into a concrete ditch before hitting the brake run. The ditch has on occasion had problems with drainage, resulting in the turn’s track being completely underwater after heavy rains.

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Titan Stats

Ride Type:Steel hypercoaster
Height:245 ft
Top Speed:85 mph
Length:5312 ft
Year Introduced:2001
Duration:3 min, 30 sec
Height Requirement:48 in
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes

Where to Sit?

Sit in the very back for the best experience on the first drop.

Sit in the front for strong airtime and hangtime when exiting the midcourse brake.


Turn around and look behind you on the first drop for maximum thrills (especially when sitting in the back). The “loosing your stomach” sensation gets amplified with this simple trick.

Larger riders often find the front row of each car easier to fit in because the restraints don’t extend down the legs like in other rows.

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