The Riddler Revenge

The Riddler Revenge is a massive swinging pendulum ride at Six Flags over Texas.

40 riders board a giant disc with outward-facing seats, their feet dangling freely. The disc slowly spins as the pendulum starts to swing back and forth, gaining height each cycle until reaching its peak — 147 feet above the ground. Riders face the ground as they’re nearly inverted. At the valley of the swings, the ride reaches speeds of 68 mph.

Riddler Revenge was added for the 2016 season as part of an expansion of the Gotham City section of the park.

Six Flags over Texas’ Riddler Revenge should not be confused with Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Riddler’s Revenge, a stand-up roller coaster with better grammar.

Riddler Revenge logo

The Riddler Revenge Stats

Ride Type:Giant Discovery
Height:147 ft
Top Speed:68 mph
Year Introduced:2016
Height Requirement:52"
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes


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