Six Flags over Texas added the Pandemonium roller coaster in 2008. The four-seater cars freely spin guaranteeing that no two rides will ever be the same. Tight turns, spiraling helixes, and swooping drops are some of the coaster’s trademarks.

Pandemonium was designed and manufactured by German coaster company Gerstlauer, who also designed the New Texas Giant’s trains. The ride stands on the former site of Wildcatter — the Intamin first-generation drop tower — on the border of the USA and Boomtown sections.

The Ride Formerly Known as Tony Hawk’s Big Spin

Originally the ride was named “Tony Hawk’s Big Spin” and featured extreme sports theming throughout the queue line and ride. In 2010 Six Flags announced it had ceased a number of costly licensing deals, including the Tony Hawk trademarks. As a result, the ride’s name was shortened to “Big Spin” and the Tony Hawk theming removed.

Six Flags once again changed the name of the ride to its current “Pandemonium” in the early 2011 season.

Pandemonium Photos

Pandemonium Stats

Ride Type:Steel spinning coaster
Height:53 ft
Top Speed:31 mph
Length:1351 ft
Year Introduced:2008
Duration:1 min, 51 sec
Height Requirement:47 in. (42 in. with adult)
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes

Where to Sit?

With Pandemonium’s free-spinning cars it doesn’t matter where you sit. The only real difference is if you prefer going up the lift hill forwards or backwards, the latter of which can be more nerve wracking by not letting you see when the first drop is approaching.

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