Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast

Mr. Freeze Concept Art

Early concept art of Mr. Freeze that didn’t exactly nail the overbanked turn

Mr. Freeze is a launched roller coaster located in the Gotham City section of the park. Powerful linear induction motors (LIMs) act as synchronized electromagnets and accelerate the train from 0-70 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds. After the train traverses through a top-hat inversion and a 120° overbanked turn, riders are propelled vertically up the 218-foot “spike” tower before reversing and going through everything again backwards. Additional LIMs on the tower give the train an extra boost going up and down, ensuring it’ll have enough momentum to make it through the ride’s course in reverse. Mr. Freeze’s close proximity to Batman the Ride makes it appear as if the rides are dueling each other.

Mr. Freeze structure

This view of Mr. Freeze is only attainable from the Six Flags Railroad.

To combat the problem of shuttle coasters (coasters that don’t make a complete circuit) having notoriously low capacity because of one-train operation, Mr. Freeze features an innovative loading station where trains are placed on transfer tracks that allow one train to unload/load while the other runs its course.

In 2002, Six Flags retrofitted Mr. Freeze’s trains to swap its over-the-shoulder harnesses to lapbars. The change resulted in a significantly better ride as the original over-the-shoulder restraints could cause headbanging.

Mr. Freeze has a sister ride of the same name with an identical, mirrored layout at Six Flags St. Louis in Missouri.

The “Reverse” in Reverse Blast

Mr. Freeze originally launched its trains with riders facing forward. In March 2012 Six Flags over Texas announced it would reverse the trains of Mr. Freeze and add the “Reverse Blast” to its name. Although Mr. Freeze is a shuttle coaster and already travels both forwards and backwards anyway, reversing the trains resulted in two big ride experience changes: launching from 0-70 mph backwards and facing straight down during the train’s climb up the vertical spike.

Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast opened to the public May 12th, 2012 with an inaugural concert by Vanilla Ice.

Mr. Freeze Trivia

Technical Difficulties

Mr. Freeze was actually supposed to open in 1997 to coincide with the release of the Batman & Robin movie but technical difficulties delayed the ride’s opening until 1998.

A Foggy Idea

Fog was originally used in the launch tunnel until it was determined that it interfered with the ride’s photoelectric sensors.

Electrical Stats

Each launch of Mr. Freeze requires 5,000 amps of electricity at 480 volts (a staggering 2.4 mW of power). The linear induction motors, designed and manufactured by Force Engineering, create 5,000 horsepower of launch thrust.

Mr. Freeze’s launch is so energy-consuming that in unusually hot Texas summers when electricity usage peaks and rolling blackouts are a possibility, Six Flags over Texas opts to not operate the ride.

Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast Logo

Mr. Freeze Stats

Ride Type:Steel LIM-launched coaster
Height:218 ft
Top Speed:70 mph
Length:1372 ft
Year Introduced:1998
Inversions:2 (one forward, one backward)
Manufacturer:Premier Rides
Duration:45 sec
Height Requirement:54"
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes

Where to Sit?

Ride in the back of the train to have reach the greatest height on the vertical tower.

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