Mini Mine Train

The Mini Mine Train opened in 1969 as a junior-sized sequel to the Mine Train in the park’s Boomtown section. Geared toward kids that aren’t yet tall enough for the bigger thrills, the coaster is enjoyable for the entire family. With a 36″ minimum height requirement (42″ to ride alone), the ride can accommodate young thrill seekers.

Tunnels along the track add excitement as trains snake around the course at a blistering 20 mph. The 1997 addition of Mr. Freeze forced parts of the Mini Mine Train to be rebuilt due to Mr. Freeze traveling directly over the ride.

Until it was removed to make way for the Mini Mine Train, the strange Sky Hook attraction occupied the land.

Mini Mine Train Photos

Mini Mine Train Stats

Ride Type:Steel kiddie coaster
Height:20 ft
Top Speed:20 mph
Length:910 ft
Year Introduced:1969
Manufacturer:Arrow Development
Duration:1 min, 10 sec
Height Requirement:36 in
Flash Pass Enabled:No

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