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Added to the Boomtown section in 1966, the Mine Train is Six Flags over Texas’ oldest operating roller coaster (technically another ride was SFoT’s first coaster). The first mine train roller coaster in the world, the ride cost an estimated $1 million — about $7.2 million when adjusted for inflation to 2014. Track winds around a heavily wooded area complete with mining theming for an authentic, out -f-control mine cart feeling.

Although the ride was originally named the “Runaway Mine Train,” the park dropped the “Runaway” part of its name in 1996 when Runaway Mountain was added to avoid confusion.

The Mine Train is known for its three separate lift hills that sends riders through tunnels, around trees, and alongside Johnson Creek. The third lift hill takes riders into the “Ace Hotel and Saloon” before it dives below the Caddo Lake and back into the station. The coaster’s long track and three lift hills allow for up to four trains to operate simultaneously, although this is rarely done.

For the ride’s 40th anniversary season in 2006, the American Coaster Enthusiasts named the Runaway Mine Train a roller coaster landmark for its historical significance.

Mine Train Photos

Mine Train Trivia

Burning Bridges

The park originally planned for the Mine Train to have more theming including sending the train across a butane-powered burning bridge.


The section after the second lift hill had to be re-profiled after the ride opened and was deemed too wild for most riders. Originally there were more turns and a section of speed bumps that caused many guests to lose their belongings.

A Temporary Waterfall

Six Flags added a tunnel with waterfalls that trains passed through when the track between the second and third lift hills was renovated. The waterfall was removed after partially collapsing due to heavy rains in 1988.

The First Tubular Steel Roller Coaster?

The Mine Train was historically billed by Six Flags as being the “world’s first tubular steel roller coaster.” However, that honor actually belongs to Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds which opened in 1959.

The Mine Train is however the first tubular steel coaster with traditional coaster trains (versus the toboggans that Matterhorn uses).

Mine Train Stats

Ride Type:Steel mine train coaster
Height:35 ft
Top Speed:26 mph
Length:2484 ft
Year Introduced:1966
Manufacturer:Arrow Development
Duration:3 min
Height Requirement:42 in
Flash Pass Enabled:No

Where to Sit?

Sit in the back for the most intense ride experience, especially on the ride’s final drop.

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