Riders on Gunslinger ride

Riders enjoying the fast-spinning action with the Mr. Freeze station in the background

Gunslinger is a typical rotating swing ride, swinging riders higher as the ride accelerates and spins faster. The ride was known as Texas Tornado until it was renamed in 2007 when large themed pistols were added around the central hub. The pistol theming actually came from Six Flags Astroworld‘s Gunslinger attraction after the park shut down in 2005.

Gunslinger is located in the Boomtown section of the park at the original location of the Silver Star Carousel, which was moved to the front gate in 1985.

Gunslinger Photos

Gunslinger Stats

Ride Type:Yo-Yo
Year Introduced:1983
Manufacturer:Chance Rides
Height Requirement:42 in.
Thrill Rating:Moderate
Park Section:Boomtown
Flash Pass Enabled:No

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