El Sombrero

El Sombrero, or “the hat ride” as it’s often called by guests, is another long-lived park attraction. Introduced for the 1965 season, the attraction takes riders on a tilted, twirling journey in a giant yellow sombrero within the Mexico & Spain section of the park.

Originally installed at the site of the short-lived La Cucaracha wild mouse coaster, El Sombrero was later moved to a spot adjacent to La Vibora and Conquistador. The ride was once again moved to its current location closer to the front gate in 2006 as part of the addition of several flat rides to the park.

El Sombrero Photos

El Sombrero Stats

Ride Type:Trabant
Year Introduced:1965
Manufacturer:Chance Rides
Height Requirement:None w/adult (no lap children), 42 in. to ride alone
Thrill Rating:Mild
Park Section:Mexico & Spain
Flash Pass Enabled:No

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