Fright Fest

Each Fall Six Flags over Texas transforms for Fright Fest, the park’s annual Halloween event. The entire park turns into a spooky version of itself, complete with decorations and scare zones, themed shows, haunted houses, contests, and more.

Be sure and read our Tips and Rules section before visiting.

Thrills by Day, Chills by Night

During the daylight hours of Fright Fest, Six Flags over Texas offers its standard family fun appropriate for all ages. Kids can even trick or treat in Looney Tunes “Spookytown” and participate in a costume party.

However as night falls, The Awakening ritual releases hoards of zombies, ghouls, and other maniacal beasts into the park with one mission: terrifying guests. Specially designated Scare Zones have the highest concentration of terror. The park recommends taking kids 12 and under home before nighttime during Fright Fest.

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Fright Fest 2017 Dates

September 23 – October 31

Official Fright Fest Site

Click above to view SFoT’s official Fright Fest site.

Haunted Houses

Six Flags over Texas offers several haunted houses and mazes during Fright Fest. Admission to each is a separate charge in addition to admission. If you plan on visiting multiple haunted houses, buy a haunted house pass for a substantial discount.


Navigate a maze in the dark as demons loom around corners, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims.

Location: Gotham City

Cadaver Hall Morgue

Your goal is to survive as you escape a crazed morgue overrun with crazed patients.

Location: Tower Section

Cirkus Bezerkus

A murderous circus ran by the crazed clown Bozo is the setting for this black light haunted house.

Location: Tower Section

Piggy's Blood Shed

The head chef of a diner/slaughterhouse — Piggy — and his group of friends are out for blood when human meat is the latest addition to the menu.

Location: Tower Section

Zombie Infestation

The zombie apocalypse has settled upon Six Flags over Texas with the walking dead prepared to recruit additional members.

Location: Texas Section

Scare Zones

From 7 PM to 1 hour before park closing, the zombies, ghouls, and ghosts come out to play in various Scare Zones scattered throughout the park.

  • Black Widow’s Walk (Old South)
  • Bio-Mech Sector (Front Gate/Star Mall)
  • Boomtown Terror (Boomtown)
  • Camino de los Vampiros (Mexico)
  • Freaktown Side Show (USA)
  • Texas Scare-a-Tory (Texas)


The Awakening

Each night as the park darkens, The Awakening showcases the various zombies, ghouls, and creatures before they’re sent off by The Creator to the park’s Scare Zones.

Location: Silver Star Carousel Stage

Dead Man's Party Presents: Zombie A-Rock-Alpyse

Zombies host a rocking-good time and dance party at various times throughout the evening.

Locations: Silver Star Carousel Stage and Gotham City Stage

Dr. Fright's Final Freakout

Dr. Fright and a cast of zombies, special effects, and rocking beats make up the park’s nightly closing show.

Location: Silver Star Carousel Stage

WBAT Fright Time Final Challenge

This interactive game show pits 3 guests against each other in a competition of frightening games.

Location: Silver Star Carousel Stage

Welcome to Ariana's Nightmare

The infamous black widow bride Ariana is on the hunt for her next husband with all previous ones mysteriously passing away.

“Welcome to Ariana’s Nightmare” may require tickets which can be picked up for free outside the theater prior to shows.

Location: Southern Palace Theater

Fright Fest Tips and Policies

  • Guests 12 and over cannot wear costumes, masks, face coverings, or full-face makeup to Fright Fest for safety concerns.
  • Weapons or props of any kind are not allowed into the park.
  • Don’t touch the roaming characters in the park or in haunted houses (they’ve already been told to not touch you).

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  1. I went to six flags on october 21 and 22 and saw a show around the Gotham Stage I don’t know what the show was called. It was extreamly loud and had goblins and scary monsters everywhere but the main person looked like a scary conductor or engineer he had very little makeup and was funny and kind. I got a picture with him both days I was there and he said he had remembered us when we showed him from the 21. I think they played limbo but I couldn’t see, I just loved the heavy loud music that they played because I love dubstep music and thats exactly what they played. I am 2 years away from being old enough to work for fright fest and hope I do because I love scary stuff. I know this sounds like an introduction but Im just wanting more experience. Thank You : )

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