Originally named for the Oil Derrick observation tower, the Tower section is now home to some of the park’s other lofty attractions such as Superman Tower of Power and Dive Bomber Alley. Various entertainment venues including the Music Mill Amphitheater and Texas Arena Theater also call the Tower section home.

Surrounding Superman Tower of Power is Caddo Lake where large koi fish roam and can be fed from coin-operated feeders. Alligator snapping turtles and great egrets can also be spotted on occasion enjoying the lake.

Tower Area of Six Flags over Texas

Tower Attractions

Loop on Shockwave

Shock Wave

Steel Looping Coaster

Caddo Lake Barge

Caddo Lake Barge

Spinning Family Boat Ride

Dive Bomber Alley structure

Dive Bomber Alley


Oil Derrick tower

Oil Derrick

Observation Tower

Roaring Rapids passengers

Roaring Rapids

Water Rapids Ride


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