Mexico & Spain Area

Mexico and Spain formed 2 of the original 6 sections of Six Flags over Texas when the park opened in 1961. Today the Mexico and Spain areas are usually considered to be a single section, even though the delineation between the two is pretty obvious.

The Mexico and Spain area of the park houses some of the oldest (El Sombrero and El Aserradero) and unique (La Vibora, Casa Magnetica) attractions. The area also offers plenty of shade and natural beauty.

Mexico & Spain Area

Mexico & Spain Attractions

La Vibora turn

La Vibora

Bobsled Roller Coaster

Conquistador ride in motion


Swinging Ship Ride

Log Flume ride

El Aserradero

Log Flume

El Sombrero in motion

El Sombrero

Rotating Hat Ride

La Fiesta de las Tazas tea cup ride

La Fiesta de las Tazas

Tea Cups Ride


  • Caricatures
  • Casa de Six Flags
  • Mercado de la Plaza


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