Ferrocarril Fiesta Train

Ride Retrospective

The Six Flags Railroad wasn’t the park’s only train attraction when Six Flags over Texas opened in 1961. In fact, the Mexico & Spain section offered its own festive transportation in the form of the Ferrocarril Fiesta Train, or simply, the Fiesta Train.

The Fiesta Train took guests on a journey through several animated scenes of Mexican caricatures. The train’s bright colors and extensive theming defined the type of attractions found at the early Six Flags over Texas and led to the Fiesta Train being one of the park’s most memorable past rides.

The Fiesta Trains

The Fiesta trains consisted of two diesel-powered, narrow-gauge engines disguised as cabooses followed by 9 passenger cars, each providing seating for 4. Each passenger car was painted in bright pastels and had a unique sombrero roof, leading some to call it “the hat ride” (not to be confused with the park’s other hat ride.”)

Ride Experience

Similar to a dark ride, Fiesta Train’s track followed a curving path through several themed scenes. First up after loading guests was a scene of animated Mexican musicians. Past the musicians were rotating tamales, smiling as they “danced” to the Mexican music.

The next scene consisted of comicly oversized travelers riding on small donkeys. Next riders would see sleepy villagers taking an afternoon siesta and a gardens area with a pond.

Finally the train would travel through a bull fighting arena complete with a matador and charging bull.

Fiesta Train Stats

Ride Type:Themed miniature train
Years Operated:1961-1978
Top Speed:5 mph
Location:Mexico & Spain
Attraction Location Currently Occupied By:La Vibora


In 1968 Six Flags over Texas remodeled the Fiesta Train completely. Sid and Monty Krofft led the effort to revamp the trains and animations. Sombreros were removed from the trains and the cars were repainted to look more realistic.

Singing animatronic children welcomed guests at the loading station. A giant volcano was also added as the ride’s new centerpiece, erupting “lava” down the side every few minutes. The attraction started its new journey by travelling through the volcano and exiting into the Mexican village.

As for other theming changes, Six Flags over Texas added excitement with a new gun battle scene and a runaway bus that would narrowly miss the passing train. Finally the new Fiesta Train would pass through a circus scene complete with elaborate stunts being performed.


The aging Fiesta Train was removed after the 1978 season. The area where the ride stood would go essentially unoccupied until La Vibora took its place after being moved from Six Flags Magic Mountain to Six Flags over Texas in 1986.

Though the ride exists no more, passengers on the Six Flags Railroad still get to experience a part of Fiesta Train’s original theming. When the attraction was remodeled, the park moved the dancing tamales and oversized burro riders to the railroad where they can still be seen today.

The Fiesta Train’s colorful cars, humorous animatronics, detailed theming, and ethnic music all led to this one-of-a-kind attraction cementing its status as one of Six Flags over Texas’ most unique past attractions.

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