Six Flags over Texas RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Park

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 (RCT3), released in 2004, is the third installment of the successful RollerCoaster Tycoon computer game franchise. The game took the series into new 3D territory and includes a large variety of rides, attractions, and scenery to allow construction of highly-detailed theme parks.

While several people have made attempts to recreate Six Flags over Texas in the game, few have been finished (and even fewer accurately depict the park’s details).

This page features one SFoT re-creation (circa the park’s 2008 season) that was not only completed, but includes accurate ride re-creations (given the game’s limitations). Numerous park details in the park file will be recognizable by anyone familiar with Six Flags over Texas.

Download Park File

Download a .zip File Containing the Park and Description



Don’t have RCT3 or just want to preview the park? View our videos below that fly through each section of the park.

Park Re-creation Highlights

  • Almost all rides, food stalls, buildings, and facilities are included (and generally accurate when it comes to the building type).
  • Roller coasters have the most accurate layouts that RCT3 will allow
  • The ride layout of Yosemite Sam’s Gold River Adventure and various scenes match that of the real-life ride (so be sure to ride it within the game)
  • Staff is setup to correctly patrol the park so it should be guest-ready


  • This re-creation requires RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and likely both the Wild and Soaked add-ons (or RCT3 Platinum, which includes both add-ons already).
  • Park was recreated by Brandon Rodriguez over an estimated 43 hours (~50 years of in-game time, which coincidentally was roughly equal to the park’s real age).

Known Limitations/Inaccuracies

  • Titan is missing. RCT3’s max park size was reached and there simply wasn’t any room to include it while maintaining an otherwise accurate park layout.
  • The log ride’s layout is off. This was due to size limitations and a layout that was difficult to determine due to satellite images being of little use (too many trees block the ride’s layout).
  • Various Looney Tunes and other flat rides are “wrong” since RCT3 didn’t include them.
  • El Sombrero in wrong place/Mexico’s tea cups are not included (when the park was started long ago, El Sombrero was in its old location (by La Vibora))
  • Various proportions are off (mostly due to RCT3’s isometric placement of everything, it was difficult to get everything to line up since real parks rarely follow strictly 90/45-degree angles). Proportions are also off due to many blank areas being staff-only areas that were instead filled with trees.
  • Bumper Cars in Goodtimes Square weren’t included since the attraction was SBNO (standing but not operating) at the time of creation