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Original Guide to SFoT web page

GuideToSFoT.com originally launched in 2010 with this home page.

GuideToSFoT.com is an unofficial fan site for the Arlington, Texas theme park, Six Flags over Texas. Guide to SFoT provides park visitors and fans with a supplemental guide to the park beyond what the official Six Flags over Texas website offers, including photos, park news, attraction information, reviews, and more. Our Special Features section covers various topics, including retrospectives about past attractions and construction updates on new ones.

Guide to SFoT aims to be an interactive website with ways to provide your input via forums or comments on pages. If you have any suggestions on how to make the site even more interactive or user friendly, stop by our contact page and leave us a message or post in our Forums.

Development on Guide to SFoT began in early May, 2010, with the site going live on June 1, 2010. Guide to SFoT was created and is maintained by Brandon Rodriguez.

Special Thanks

Guide To SFoT was made possible by several people, including: Jenna Brown for her assistance in copy-editing, the members of the SFoT.net Former Employee Forums for providing various facts and information, and Parktimes for being the park’s best historical reference online.

And of course a special thanks to Six Flags over Texas and its original founders for not only introducing the concept of a regional theme park and innovating countless industry firsts, but for providing millions of guest experiences that turn into life-long memories.

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The Five W’s of Guide to SFoT



Guide to SFoT is an unofficial fan site for Six Flags over Texas that offers more info and news about the park than any other website.


Brandon Rodriguez is the creator and administrator of Guide to SFoT.


Guide to SFoT was originally created in May, 2010 and went live June 1, 2010. It has been regularly updated ever since.


Development on the site takes place in the D/FW area.


Guide to SFoT was developed out of lack of a fan site for Six Flags over Texas, with prior such sites going offline or no longer being maintained.

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