Six Flags over Texas opened for its 56th season Saturday, February 25th 2017, and GuideToSFoT was there to capture all the changes. Cool weather and clear skies made for a busy day.

The Joker Nearing Completion

As previously reported, the structure for The Joker is complete and signs have been added. The ride’s position is highly visible and will be a great billboard, especially when the new 30/360 interchage is complete. Crews were evaluating electrical control boxes and apparently checking track gauge during opening day.

Shock Wave – Galactic Attack

Shock Wave had its previous VR experience replaced with a new augmented reality experience called Galactic Attack. The headsets’ straps have been replaced with the straps used on hardhats that have knobs to tighten, resulting in theoretically quicker load times.

Other Observations

The New Texas Giant had a large new sign stating reservations were needed for reduced capacity. The reason could be because the park’s train rebuilding efforts can last longer than the off-season, leading to reduced train capacity on certain roller coasters. Coasters typically get back to their full train capacity by Memorial Day when the real crowds start kicking in.

Spring weather has made its appearance early in Texas, resulting in plenty of colorful flowers and wildlife about.