Six Flags over Texas experienced what could only be considered the perfect storm of crowd-causing events during the weekend of April 2-3, 2016. Guide to SFoT was at the park Saturday to document the insane amounts of traffic and get an update on the new for 2016 rides.

But first let’s examine what events contributed to this situation:

  • WWE’s annual Wrestlemania event is at AT&T Stadium on Sunday. Attendance estimates for that event alone top 100,000, but plenty of other wrestling-related events are also occurring throughout the weekend drawing huge crowds (both local and international).
  • Texas Ranger’s opening weekend increased area traffic, especially since Six Flags also sells spots in its overflow lot to tailgaters.
  • Six Flags over Texas declared it a Season Pass Appreciation Day with the dreaded Bring-a-Friend Free promotion going on
  • Sunny weather with highs in the 70s that only worsened the crowds

New-for-2016 Ride Construction

The park has completed construction on Riddler Revenge‘s structure. The ride vehicle hasn’t been attached to the large swinging arm yet. Much of Catwoman Whip‘s main structure looks to be installed too. Johnny Rockets is being renovated and will reopen in May, probably along with the new rides.