We visited Six Flags over Texas the first Saturday of Spring Break 2016, a risky visit indeed. Spring Break in generally one of the worst times to visit the park if avoiding crowds is important to you.

Though the day started out rainy and fairly empty, the sun came out by mid day and so did the crowds. Here’s what we observed to be different and noteworthy for 2016 (so far).

New Front Gate Setup

As we reported this year, SFoT has a new entrance procedure. The park moved the metal detectors to the covered walkway before the ticket booths.

We found the result to be more efficient and faster than the old setup, as it allows people to progress through the stages at their own pace. There was something about passing through a metal detector and having your ticket/pass checked that seemed to frazzle people and slow them down.

The New Revolution (Shock Wave with Virtual Reality Headsets)

Six Flags partnered up with Samsung this Spring Break to offer riders on Shock Wave a special 3D, virtual-reality experience during the ride. Riders can opt to wear 3D headsets that synchronize to the motion of the ride.

Though we were skeptical at first, the experience was excellent and unexpected. Even if you’ve ridden Shock Wave a hundred times like we have, the headsets confuse your senses and make every drop, turn, and loop feel more intense. The more inclined can even tap their headset to fire shots on the in-ride “game.” We highly recommend trying this free (!) add-on while it’s offered as it was very well done.

A Rainy Start

Texas had a rare multi-day rainy start to Spring Break. Signs of the weather’s impact could be felt with signs of mild flooding throughout.

Employees were seen trying to dry La Vibora’s track with leafblowers and a road near Shock Wave had been engulfed by Johnson Creek.

Chaparral Antique Car Entrance Change

Another change for 2016 was the Chaparral Antique Cars’ entrance being moved again back to its original location. The Antique Cars’ entrance and line was originally moved to this canopy (the Coca Cola Cool Zone) when the New Texas Giant was added and needed the extra queue space.

New Ride Progress & Other Observations

Walls block views of the new rides’ construction, but Crazy Legs sports a new paint job to match its new Gotham City theme. No new ride structure is visible, which isn’t surprised given the new rides aren’t scheduled to open until summer anyway.

The M&M store “MPorium” in the Old South has also been replaced by a superhero-themed shop.