The Joker

The Joker is a 4D “free-fly” roller coaster that puts a new spin on the traditional coaster experience. Riders’ seats freely rotate as the cars dip and dive over the narrow track structure that consists only of drops and climbs, but no turns.

The Joker was added in 2017 as further expansion of the Gotham City area of the park, following 2016’s addition of Catwoman Whip and Riddler Revenge. The ride sits in the area formerly occupied by a defunct strip mall’s parking lot.

Batman the Ride

The Joker Stats

Ride Type:4D "Free-Fly" Wing Coaster
Height:109 ft
Top Speed:38 mph
Length:1016 ft
Year Introduced:2017
Inversions:2 track inversions
Max G-Force:2.8 Gs
Manufacturer:S&S Worldwide
Duration:50 seconds
Height Requirement:48"
Capacity:720 people/hour
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes


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