Texas SkyScreamer

Twisting seats on Texas SkyScreamer

Supporting chains allow twisting of the seats in windier conditions, further adding to the thrill (or terror)

Standing at a jaw-dropping 402 feet, the Texas SkyScreamer debuted as the world’s tallest swing carousel. Located on the former site of Texas Chute-Out parachute ride in Goodtimes Square, the massive attraction utilizes the old Chute-Out queue house as the ride’s computer/control room.

Manufactured by Funtime of Austria, the 400-foot Texas SkyScreamer towers over every other attraction at Six Flags over Texas (even Superman Tower of Power’s structure is a full 75 feet shorter). Known as a StarFlyer ride, the SkyScreamer spins 24 guests around at 32 mph while moving about the central tower. The minimalist seats suspended from chains that simply look inadequate provides an unprecedented level of freedom and fear.

Texas SkyScreamer Photos

Texas SkyScreamer logo

Texas SkyScreamer Stats

Ride Type:Swing ride
Year Introduced:2013
Height Requirement:48 in.
Thrill Rating:Max
Park Section:Goodtimes Square
Flash Pass Enabled:No

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Texas SkyScreamer Videos

Check out our video below, along with the commercial Six Flags over Texas played to advertise the new ride.


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