Roaring Rapids

Roaring Rapids passengers

A raft full of soaking-wet riders

The Roaring Rapids water ride takes passengers on a quarter-mile journey through rough-and-tumbling rapids, waves, and waterfalls on real rafts. One and a half million gallons of water continuously pump through the heavily-landscaped ride and ensure everyone gets a good soaking.

While rafting rides are now common at theme parks, Six Flags over Texas’ model is heavy on the theming. The entire course is surrounded by tall, faux cliffs and dense foliage that isolate the ride from the rest of the park, adding to the theme (and making it more difficult to photograph). The theming adds to the ride experience, making it feel less like you’re floating down a small concrete trough.

Roaring Rapids Photos

Roaring Rapids Stats

Ride Type:Water Rapids Ride
Year Introduced:1983
Height Requirement:36 in. with adult, 42 in. to ride alone
Thrill Rating:Mild
Park Section:Tower
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes

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