El Aserradero

Log Flume ride

Lagoons are under several segments of the flume

El Aserradero'The Sawmill' in Spanish — or simply the log ride as it’s known to most guests and employees — is one of the oldest and most historically significant rides at Six Flags over Texas. The first log flume ride ever created, El Aserradero has been delighting guests since its introduction to the Mexico & Spain area in 1963. In fact, the original ride proved to be so popular that a second flume was added in 1968, and the flumes have been referred to as “flume 1” and “flume 2” ever since.

Each flume has two conveyor belt lift hills: the initial hill that provides the elevation needed to float through most of the course, and a second larger lift that sets riders up for the finale — the large drop generating a bigger splash.

Six Flags over Texas added theming and animated characters to the flumes in the 1970s, such as lumberjacks sawing logs. Most of the theming has since been removed, with various remnants still visible.

Despite its age, El Aserradero remains to be a popular family-friendly attraction at the park, particularly during  hot Texas summers.

El Aserradero Photos

El Aserradero Stats

Ride Type:Log flume
Year Introduced:1963
Manufacturer:Arrow Development
Height Requirement:None w/adult, 42 in. to ride alone
Thrill Rating:Mild
Park Section:Mexico & Spain
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes

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