Chaparral Antique Cars

Chaparral Antique Cars

Families enjoying the Chaparral Cars

As one of the park’s oldest and longest-operating rides, the Chaparral Antique Cars has entertained generations of visitors to Six Flags over Texas. Added in 1962 for the park’s second operating season, the Chaparral Antique Cars feature gasoline-operated cars driven by guests. Drivers have full control over the acceleration and steering along with a guide rail that prevents guests from taking the cars off course. The ride’s 1962 opening makes it the second oldest continuously-operated ride in the park, surpassed only by the Six Flags Railroad.


Ride Changes

The cars originally had tops to them until they were removed in the early 1970s, before being re-added again in the 1980s and finally removed again.

For the 2011 season, the entrance to the Chaparral cars was relocated to what was once the “Coca Cola Cool Zone” vending/misting area. The New Texas Giant now uses Chaparral’s former queue house as part of its queue line.

Chaparral Antique Cars Stats

Ride Type:Antique car ride
Year Introduced:1962
Manufacturer:Arrow Development
Height Requirement:None with adult, 42 in. to ride alone
Thrill Rating:Mild
Park Section:Texas
Flash Pass Enabled:No

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