Aquaman Splashdown

Aquaman Splashdown Entrance Sign

Entrance sign for Aquaman Splashdown

Aquaman Splashdown is a standard shoot the chutes water ride, a staple at amusement parks for over 100 years. Large boats climb a lift hill before making a quick turn and plunging back down into a large splashdown pool. Riders wanting to get completely drenched¬†can wait on the ride’s exit bridge for the massive wave of water generated by the next boat.

Name Changes

Introduced for the park’s 1987 season in the USA area, Aquaman was initially called Splashdown Falls. In 1995 Six Flags renamed the ride Splash Down Re-Entry Test Simulation to go along with the newly-added Right Stuff motion simulator theater. The ride was once again renamed in 2007 to its current “Aquaman Splashdown” name and theme along with a new Aquaman statue in the splashdown pool.

Aquaman Splashdown Stats

Ride Type:Shoot the Chutes
Year Introduced:1987
Manufacturer:O.D. Hopkins Associates Inc.
Height Requirement:36 in. w/adult, 42 in. to ride alone
Thrill Rating:Moderate
Park Section:USA
Flash Pass Enabled:Yes

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