Roller Coasters

Six Flags over Texas is home to 13 world-class roller coasters.

Batman the Ride second loop

Batman the Ride

Inverted Roller Coaster

The Joker

The Joker

4D Roller Coaster

Judge Roy Scream first drop

Judge Roy Scream

Wooden Roller Coaster

La Vibora turn

La Vibora

Bobsled Roller Coaster

Mine Train trains

Mine Train

Steel Roller Coaster

Mini Mine Train lift hill

Mini Mine Train

Steel Family Coaster

Mr. Freeze tophat inversion

Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast

Launched Shuttle Coaster

Overbanked turn on New Texas Giant

New Texas Giant

Steel/Wood Hybrid Coaster

Pandemonium hill


Spinning Steel Coaster

Runaway Mountain boarding area

Runaway Mountain

Steel Indoor Coaster

Loop on Shockwave

Shock Wave

Steel Looping Coaster

Titan first drop


Steel Hypercoaster

Flat Rides

Thrill rides and other attractions that aren't roller coasters or water rides.

Batwing Ride


Flying Family Ride

Boot Scootin' Ride

Boot Scootin'

Bouncing Boot Ride

Catwoman Whip

Catwoman Whip

Spinning Inverted Ride

Caddo Lake Barge

Caddo Lake Barge

Spinning Family Boat Ride

Chaparral Antique Cars

Chaparral Antique Cars

Guest-Driven Gasoline Cars

Cloud Bouncer vehicle

Cloud Bouncer

Family Ride

Conquistador ride in motion


Swinging Ship Ride

Dive Bomber Alley structure

Dive Bomber Alley


El Sombrero in motion

El Sombrero

Rotating Hat Ride

Harley Quinn Spinsanity

Harley Quinn Spinsanity

Spinning Ride

Riders on Gunslinger ride


Spinning Swing Ride

Animatronic character

Justice League Battle for Metropolis

Interactive Dark Ride

La Fiesta de las Tazas tea cup ride

La Fiesta de las Tazas

Tea Cups Ride

Oil Derrick tower

Oil Derrick

Observation Tower

Riddler Revenge riders

The Riddler Revenge

Giant Swinging Pendulum

Rodeo ride


Thrill Ride

Sidewinder ride


Scrambler Ride

Steam-powered Six Flags Railroad

Six Flags Railroad

Authentic Steam Locomotive

Silver Star Carousel horse

Silver Star Carousel

Historic Hand-Carved Carousel

Twisting seats on Texas SkyScreamer

Texas SkyScreamer

Massive Swing Ride

Looney Tunes characters

Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure

Looney Tunes Dark Ride

Water Rides

Six Flags over Texas offers three major water rides that offer a quick cool-down on hot days. Water rides operate seasonally during the spring/summer months only.

Aquaman Splashdown

Aquaman Splashdown

Shoot the Chutes Water Ride

Log Flume ride

El Aserradero

Log Flume

Roaring Rapids passengers

Roaring Rapids

Water Rapids Ride