Switchback at ZDT

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Switchback at ZDT

Postby jj2k » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:12 pm

Hey y'all I'm trying to find out some more info on switchback. I've had a road trip in the works to head up to elitch gardens then lagoon then on the way back hit cliff's, fiesta texas and ZDT. But switchback appears to be months behind schedule. The pictures ZDT is showing its difficult to gauge how far along the project is. I would have asked a fiesta texas fansite since they're the closest major coaster park but there no longer appears to be a fiesta texas fan forum anywhere. So that brought me here. Does anyone have an idea of when switchback looks to open....if its late august I'd wait cause I'm really one of those that hates doing a road trip knowing that I'm missing a soon to be built credit, it feels like a total waste. Any info is appreciated, thank you!

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