Trip Report: April 10th

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Trip Report: April 10th

Post by Coaster4894 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:12 am

Ditching the past weekend in favor for this one, this first of hopefully many visits was a good one as I managed to make a full loop on my favorite rides in under 2 hours. The park itself started out light in crowds and gradually increased as the afternoon dragged on, but by 5 I would say I had my fill on rides and called it a day. The weather was windy but managed to stay cool and dry. I can see some improvements around the park-foreseeing the future of Gotham City makes me excited- as well as areas that need some improvement and touching up. I can say this, operations today were a bit wonky as the ride hosts tried crowd control methods, but perhaps the people pop in the afternoon caught them by surprise as some ride stations were overloaded, then causing the queue wait to increase more than what it needed. Another strange occurrence being a lot of tiny kids managing to get to the rides that they do not meed requirements (some -no joke- even boarding the train- only to be pulled off) to only be rejected riding as empty seats were being dispatched. Below are the rides I got on.

Batman (2X): The least amount of time I waited was in the middle of the afternoon for about 8 minuets. I also managed to get on the ride earlier in the day-during that time it was a walk on straight to the front seat- and came back to it. Running as great as ever! Needs some paint on the track and station areas. This was the first ride that I noticed several kids way under the 54" requirement I guess to walk through the queue only to wait in the station for their parent, whereas in the past a ride host at the entrance of the ride urged the parents that small kids must wait with a non rider. Don't know why they were dragged onto the station to watch their parents ride but oh well.

Mr Freeze (2X): Average wait time thankfully reduced by the opening of the second side. They at one point over loaded one side of the station so the wait did increase but no real complaints. Same good ol' Mr. Freeze

Shockwave- The New Revolution Coaster (1X): The burden of the trip. No complaints of the ride itself but this virtual reality thing is not the greatest idea Six Flags has created. There is so much of a procedure to load one train that I feel sorry for Six Flags America and New England adding this to their staple coasters. The new load processes include checking restraints, then checking each strap on the Samsung VR mask, then replacing a mask on individuals if needed, then securing a neck lanyard onto the mask. This process causes train stacking as well as an increase wait time of around 10 to 15 minuets for it does take around 5 to 6 minuets to dispatch a train. It's better to see this in person. In Six Flags defense it is a cool little device but very nauseating (to me at least), and was warned that wait times would increase. I don't know how long this virtual reality will last but sadly this may keep me from riding Shock Wave again.

Texas Giant (1X): Went down to a one train operation during the peak hours of the day. Decided to pass a second ride.

Superman (0X) :cry: No joke, got to the front of the ride only for it to completely shut down :lol: . Told it was too windy for it to operate.

Sky Screamer (1X) Closed shortly after for the same reasons as Superman

Runaway Mine Train (1X) Great as ever!

Titan (2X) The shortest of the waits. Other than having brakes like a 14 year old learning how to drive and break a car for the first time, It retains the title as one of my favorites.

I do hope to go back in the summer to see the new rides! Love the park as much as ever even with its quirks. See you all soon! (...$30 prefered parking :? )
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