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Forum Rules & Policies

Post by BrandonR » Mon May 31, 2010 1:15 am

Welcome to the Forums! Below are a few quick guidelines and rules that we expect all users to abide by.

Stay on Topic
Please stay on topic and post your messages in the correct forum.

Keep it Clean
Generally speaking, please keep your language and comment content to a PG rating. Like the park, we want to have a family-friendly atmosphere here.

No Chat Shorthand
This is a message board, not a text message or chat room. If you can't spell your words out without constantly resorting to abbreviations and numbers, you won't be allowed to post here. Using shorthand not only makes your posts look sloppy and more difficult to read, but using it on a message board setting typically makes you look unintelligent.

Use Correct Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation
Repeatedly using poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your posts may result initially in a warning, and if continued, a temporary (or even permanent) account disabling. We do this because posts with excessive misspellings, poor grammar, and lack of punctuation are more difficult to read and comprehend. We also feel they bring down the overall quality of the message boards, not to mention they make other people less likely to read and take your posts seriously. This isn't to say we expect you to be perfect. Occasional typos and other miscellaneous errors are fine, it's just the consistent ones we're concerned about. The only exception to this rule is if English isn't your first language, in which case we're more flexible and understanding.

And of course, all the policies outlined in the site's Terms of Service apply too, particularly the "Community Systems" section. This means no unsolicited advertisements, no abusing other members, no posting intellectual property that isn't yours, and no impersonating other people, amongst other policies.

With that said, we hope you enjoy the site and our message boards and tell your friends to join! We hope to build the largest community of Six Flags over Texas fans on the internet!

Forum rules & policies last updated: 12/12/2010
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