In a surprise move, Six Flags over Texas announced it would no longer be flying the six historical flags for which the park was founded and named back in 1961, instead replacing all six flags with the USA flag.

Growing racial tensions in America with events such as Charlottesville have recently put an intense spotlight on standing Confederate flags and statues, and of course one of the flags that flew over Texas throughout its history was that of the Confederate States of America. Various news outlets like TMZ pulled the park into the spotlight, highlighting that it still featured the CSA flag.

Original Six Flags over Texas logo

Original Six Flags over Texas Logo

It’s worth noting the park flew the Confederate States of America flag, not the Confederate battle flag that racists and white supremacists have latched onto in years since to purportedly show southern pride.

Why the park also removed the Spain, France, Mexico, and Republic of Texas flags is unknown.

6 flags that have flown over Texas

The Six Flags that have flown over Texas

Several of the park’s areas still remain themed to the original six flags of Texas, but the park’s “Confederacy” section was renamed to the “Old South” decades ago.

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