Although the early Six Flags over Texas relied on animals to power several of its rides and entertain guests, the modern day park delivers its thrills with roller coasters. But that’s not to say you won’t see any animals during your trip.

As Arlington rapidly developed around Six Flags over Texas, the park’s natural waterways and foliage turned into a refuge of sorts for native wildlife.

Here are 7 animals known to frequent the park that you might encounter on your next visit.

1. Skunks

Employees working nights have had their occasional surprise run-ins with skunks roaming the park.

2. Egrets

Birds of many varieties frequent the park’s waterways and fountains, but when a 3-foot-tall bird makes an appearance, it stands out. Guests have spotted great egrets in various places around the park, including the one below spotted in the Tower area‘s Caddo Lake.

Great Egret at Six Flags over Texas

A Great Egret taking a break near the Mine Train’s tunnel

3. Raccoons

Where there’s food trash, there’s usually a raccoon not far behind. The same holds true at Six Flags over Texas, where the furry mammals can frequently be spotted rummaging through dumpsters or trash cans at night.

4. Turtles

Caddo Lake in the Tower section and Johnson Creek throughout the Texas areas attract numerous turtles, including snapping turtles. Take a look at the riverbanks and rocks throughout the park for a chance to see the reptiles basking in the sun.

Turtles at Six Flags over Texas

A bale of turtles basking in the sun near Superman Tower of Power

5. Cats

Like many theme parks, feral cats are allowed to roam the park providing free rodent control year-round. Rarely seen during the daytime, the cats will occasionally make an appearance, like the one below taking a nap beneath a table at Dry Hole Charlie’s.

Wild cat napping at Six Flags over Texas

One of the park’s resident cats taking a nap underneath a table at Dry Hole Charlie’s

6. Snakes

Snakes large and small have been known to roam throughout the swampy marshes and railroad tracks.

7. Geese/Ducks

Ducks and geese love the park’s entry lake and can more often than not be spotted swimming or roaming the grounds beneath Judge Roy Scream.

Geese at Six Flags over Texas

Gaggle of geese enjoy the lake next to Judge Roy Scream