Six Flags over Texas is introducing the “New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster” this spring on Shock Wave. SFoT is a part of 9 Six Flags parks that will introduce the first VR coaster experiences in North America.

Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Rendering

Snapshot of Video

Riders on Shock Wave can opt to wear a Samsung Gear VR headset during the ride, which plays an immersive, 3D video perfectly synchronized to the coaster’s motion. The result is a lot more intense than the old motion simulators that only pitch and roll a few degrees for motion.

On Shock Wave’s virtual reality experience, riders will feel as if they’re flying in a fighter jet performing acrobatic maneuvers and fighting aliens.

And because you’re wondering, yes the headsets are cleaned between each rider with anti-bacterial wipes.


Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Rendering

Total Chaos


The virtual reality experience will be open for technical rehearsals exclusively for Season Pass holders March 10-20, and open to everyone March 26 for a limited time. There is no added fee for taking advantage of the new experience.

Manufacturer guidelines state the device cannot be used by riders 12 or younger, regardless if they meet the height requirement of Shock Wave.


Ride/3D Video Comparison


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